Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my daughter's birthday. I can't believe she is 34 years old. Where does the time go? She is catching up to me for sure...LOL

This is the birthday card I made her:

The stamps on the front of the card are from The Angel Company. It is called Linear Sentiments. I am loving this set. I also used Apple Green #2 Cardstock from TAC. The inks I used were Palette inks Chartreuse and Boudoir Blush. The sentiment on the inside is from Verses and says "Surely a star danced in Heaven on the day you were born" I love that sentiment and really like to use it on my birthday cards. I bought the little flower rhinestones at a local stamp store for the center of the flowers.

As for my last chemo treatment it has left me with a lot of bone and joint pain again. It is better this morning. Yesterday was bad but I took it easy and rested. All I can say is I will be glad when August 8th gets here and we can do the last treatment. We will think about today and enjoy it. Tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate Alison's birthday. It will be fun to have all the family together.
Who could ask for more?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Chemo Treatment Down and ONE to Go!!!

I know it has been awhile since I posted to my blog. I have been pretty busy. You know I wanted to get my business back up and running. I had my Open House on July 17th, A benefit for Breast Cancer on the 20th and then I started my classes back up on the 21st and 22nd. Let's just say it was fun to be back in the swing of things but I did get tired. It was a good tired though.
Now for my Chemo Treatment. All went well with it as usual. I did have some questions for my Dr. since it is getting close to the end of treatment. I wanted to know what the course of action would be for me after treatment is over. I will be going to his office every six weeks to have my port flushed so it doesn't clog in case we should need it again. Let's hope not! I will see him every twelve weeks for an exam and blood tests. Depending on what the blood tests show on if I would have to have any kind of scans. I also need to make an appointment to have a mammogram in September. Life will be good.
Since I am nearing the end of treatment and looked back on what all has evolved; the biggest advice I can give to anyone is to LISTEN to your Oncologist. He is your best friend through this. That wasn't hard in my case because my Oncologist is fantastic. The word "CANCER" was enough to scare me into listening and doing everything I could to stay healthy through this process. Another thing is to keep positive and have a good attitude. It is not to say you won't have bad days...Lord knows I did but you go on.
August 8th is my last treatment so I am going to be one happy person that day. My white blood count was low yesterday but not low enough to cancel my treatment but I am going to go and get a Neulasta shot on Monday. This is a shot to boost your white blood cells which is what fights off infections and sickness. This will bring my white count up so we hopefully won't have to postpone my last treatment. That hasn't happened to me through this whole ordeal and I sure don't want it on my last treatment.
Thanks for reading and have a great day!
God Bless!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another card to share

I have really been busy trying to make cards for my Open House and also for my first class since early March. My class which is on July 22nd is Different Folds. I will share those as I get them done. The card I am sharing tonight is my other Make & Take for my Open House. I used the Linear Sentiments on it. I also used the Super Jumbo Circle Punch and the Mega Scalloped Circle Punch. I just love using these punches. The printed paper and the lavender paper I used is from our new Angelee Paper Line. The cardstock is our Matchmakers Cardstock Plum #1and also our Ivory cardstock. I used the Palette Ink Pad Violete.
I hope you enjoy the card. I know I have enjoyed being creative again.
I also went and had my chemo today. They cut the Benadryl in half and I wasn't as sleepy which has been good. Now to see if the bone and joint pain comes back. I am ready this time...LOL
Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on my Chemo and a Card Share

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't updated anything on my chemo treatments. As most of you know that come here often, I started a new chemo drug this last treatment. I have to say it is a lot better in the fact that you don't feel the fatigue and nausea as with the other drug. The down side is I had bone and joint pain for about three days. That wasn't fun but I could stay awake and function. I get my next treatment Friday so I know what to expect. After this treatment I will only have two more to go. Can you belive it when I say I am very happy about that? LOL I think I have come through all of this very well and boy do I have a new outlook on life. I can't stress enough for all of you to take care of yourself and get your yearly checkups. They sure pay off. I have been very adament about that and it sure paid off for me that my cancer was caught so early.

Now to share a card. I finally played some. Actually I have been doing some swap cards but the card I am sharing today is one for my Open House next week. This is done with the All Occasion Circles and Celebration Time. They are both new stamp sets in our new Fall and Winter 2008 catalog. I hope you enjoy the card and get some inspiration from it. It is great to showcase the Mega Circle Punch and the Giga Scalloped Circle Punch. The little strip with the brads I did with a corner rounder punch.

Have a great day EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blog Award Nomination

Bridgett from my Angelhood Sisters nominated me for this award. Thanks Bridgett. This award is to go to someone that inspires you from their blog. I have many people that have inspired me through their blog. Below will be my nominations.
Thanks again Bridgett for the nomination and I'm glad that you have been inspired by my blog.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Thank You to HilmaRose....My SBS_16 Secret Sister

We have had a Secret Sister Swap on our Sisterhood_16 group. I just want to say that Hilmarose really out did herself with what she sent to me. First of all she made me a set of handmade items....all matching. It is a stationary set in a box, journal, notepad, address book and post it note keychain. WOW! She also did it in my favorite colors. Besides all the handmade stuff I got she also sent several types of tins to alter, Bind it All O Wires in black, 2 picture frames, scrapbook, ribbon, buttons, eyelets, snaps, brads, glue, glitter, Maya Road notebooks, and a clear stamp set for the cure. I just want to give a BIG thanks to Hilma...she really made my day and gave me a lot to play with. Below are the pictures of the items she sent.